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Hand crafted mica ceiling shades
C329 Autumn Trees Mica Ceiling Light with Hand-blown Glass Cap - 24" wide, 12" deep with cap and finial, 4-bulb fixture

Falling in Love with
Sue Johnson Lamps & Shades

We constantly experiment with new combinations, shapes, colors and designs. See the latest ceiling lamps, thirteen stunning new creations for your home or business.


Square Silver Mica Ceiling Fixture “Branching Maples”Magenta & Purple Mica Ceiling Light Shade – “Sun Moon and Stars”
Mica Hanging Ceiling Light Fixture with Natural Foliage and Rich Brown BorderCut-Corner Square Amber Ceiling Light “Ginkgos Galore”
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Oxblood porcelain lamps
Oxblood porcelain lamps - (8 - 9 inches tall)

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Hand crafted mica ceiling shades
NEW Jim Fox Pottery Lamps

Reading Rat Lamp




Children's Lamps


Cat & Mouse table lampHanging map lampshadeReading Rat table lamp

Two table lamps that appeal to the child in all of us
+ our World Map lampshade will help find Waldo.

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C287 Brass and Blue Glass Hanging Light Fixture with Mica Map Lamp Shade T286  Rustic Forest Mica Lamp Shade,  Adjustable  Brass Table Lamp

T290 Cedar Waxwings Bird Lamp, Colorful Mica Lampshade, "Morning Meadow" C289   “Sierra Light” Mica ceiling lamp shade with racoons and wildlife

Spotlight on Lamp shades

Veteran lamp and shade designer Lynn Duncan has a sense of whimsy and it is expressed in the subject matter for her shades - we are happy to introduce two of her longtime favorites to the website - a world-map lamp shade, and her rustic deer lamp shade,"Forest Ruminants" (!).

Carmen's new "Morning Meadow" mica shade is made from a single large piece of mica, glowing with layers of color, and sprinkled with light foliage. We love it in combination with Lonesomeville Pottery's "Cedar Waxwings".

We love Jack Laws' illustrations and combine them (with his permission of course) with native plants to create these "Sierra Lights" ceiling shades.

Modern Orange Glass Lamp, Handblown Art Glass, Confetti design 1


Our lamps and lampshades reflect the tastes, interests, and creativity of Sue and her entire staff. The most basic unifying theme is the the combination of Nature + Art. This places us squarely in the contemporary Arts and Crafts movement. Wood, metal, stone, glass, clay, mica, paper, and natural leaves are recurring materials used in our unique lamps and shades.



Orange Table Lamps, Bat Lamps & Lamps with Fall Leaves »

Bat lamps, extravagantly orange lamps, and lamps and shades aglow with autumn colors. Bats from the ceiling, bats on the walls and bats on your table. Add colorful Autumn leaves drifting around golden lampshades and our latest collaboration with glass artist David Lindsay and you have our Fall Celebration Collection.

Rustic Bronze owl lamp, Amber mica oval shade, “Night has Arrived”

Rustic Lighting »

These vintage burl lamps, owl lamps, and woodland creatures will fill your home with an elegant rustic style.

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Arts & Crafts lamps


Our classic Craftsman and Arts & Crafts lighting includes both hand-crafted wooden lamps in the Prairie tradition, with complementary mica shades, and hammered copper and brass lamps. Among the designs in mica that are particularly well suited to Craftsman interiors are the Windowpane series and the Lines & Squares group, both of which are shown on the site on table and floor lamps and as ceiling or wall lighting. In addition to these contemporary pieces, we often have antiques, particularly European Trench Art and American Heintz Art Metal. We show some of these pieces on our site to illustrate the kinds of work we do in designing special lampshades for these wonderful lamps. We are happy to send digital photos, with size and price information, of any antique pieces available in the shop, or to work with you to turn your piece into a custom lamp. Please contact us to discuss your project before sending anything to us.

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Contemporary art glass lamp and Mica Lamp Shade


In recent years we have developed relationships with several local glass artists and have wired their wonderful and distinctive pieces into spectacular lamps. These Art Glass Lamps have lights inside their bases, with the three-way switch illuminating the base alone, the shade alone, or both together. We show these lamps with mica lampshades, hand paper-cut lampshades, and parchment paper shades with Japanese Tsuru paper borders. In our 2008 Collection we introduced our newest series with Lindsay Art Glass and Sue’s inspired, colorful mica shades. Sue also purchases, when available, antique Art Glass pieces, notably Phoenix glass, which are similarly lighted inside and completed with appropriate shades.

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award winner Sausalito Art FestivalOur art glass lamps took second place in the Functional Art category at the Sausalito Art Festival! We're thrilled and honored to participate in this prestigious Art Show.


Art Pottery Table Lamp, "Indian Paintbrush"  arts & crafts lamp and Grasses and Dragonflies Mica shade

ART POTTERY Arts and Crafts

American Art Pottery forms another part of our Arts and Crafts collection. We make lamps from the work of Ephraim Faience, Door, and Lonesomeville potteries and complete them with mica, hand-painted paper, and hand cut-paper lampshades. Again, we occasionally have antique Art Pottery pieces, both American and European.

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African floor lamp


Sue began the lamp shop in 1972 after her service in Africa, in the Peace Corps, and we have made lamps and lampshades from African carvings and African textiles since that time. One of the difficulties of showing these on our site is that each piece is a distinct and unique piece of art. We do have a wonderful selection of African art lamps and Kuba cloth shades in the lamp shop and are happy to send digital photos along with size and price information upon request. Since Sue designed the ceiling and wall lights with African imagery we can offer these as shown or can adapt the designs for other projects. We also feature an African Marriage Stick floor lamp, where the carved sticks are more similar than most other carvings.

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We have small lamps made with colorful beaded insect lamps, carved wooded slingshots and pulleys, ancestral combs and tall masks. Visit the shop to see these one-of-a-kind items, and to see how we can present pieces from your collection of ethnic treasures into lamps.

Asian table lamp


The art and design of Asia — its imagery, forms, and materials — are an important part of the American Arts and Crafts tradition. Sue has an abiding interest in antique cloisonné and champs levée, netsuke, bamboo vessels, and baskets. We have a wonderful selection of one-of-a-kind antique pieces at the shop. Our Asian style offerings on the web at the moment are items and designs that we can re-create on a continuing basis. These include a beautiful series of Japanese metal lamps and mica shades with hand-cut mulberry designs that echo the bases. We also show a number of bamboo lamps, some with traditional carvings and some with contemporary styling, and a beautiful contemporary Asian-style raku pot in red or gold.

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Egret - Bird lamps and bird lamp shades

Bird Lamps and Bird Lamp Shades


We've also collected many of the bird lamps or shades from our site and put them onto one page. These bird lamps cross all of our design collections, and originate from all corners of the globe. You'll find sculptural bird lamps in metal and ceramic with cut paper and mica bird lamp shades. We also have many one-of-a-kind carved bird lamps at the shop.


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Egret - Bird lamps and bird lamp shades

Audubon Bird Sconces


A new series of sconces created to celebrate and support the work of the Napa Solano Audubon Society.

20% Goes to the Birds

20% of all sales using these photos will be donated toward the upcoming Breeding Bird Atlas.


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Enamel Ware - ChamplevÉ & cloisonnÉ Lamps

beautiful CloisonnÉ and ChamplevÉ Lamps »

Cloisonne and Champleve are terms that describe techniques for applying colorful enamels to metal.

Rustic Bronze owl lamp, Amber mica oval shade, “Night has Arrived”

Antique Metal Table Lamps »

Antique metal vessels have always had special appeal to us. We are savor their detailed work and graceful design. This collection of antique metal lamps features brass table lamps with a tropical, Asian feel - a fabulous parrot, lotus leaves, bamboo, gourds, bats, vining plants.


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Antique Bronze with Silver Table Lamp: Heintz Art Metal with Wild Rose Design + Custom two tone mica shade

Heintz Art Metal Lamp Collection »

The Heintz Art Metal Shop was renowned in its time for its patented solderless sterling-on-bronze technique and its high level of craft and design. Their work continues to inspire, and is held in high regard in the Arts & Crafts community. We have made a multitude of lamps from Heintz wares, and have adapted the cut designs for mica ceiling lights and sconces.


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Metallic Glazed Pottery Lamps with all-over ”hammered” texture, Amber mica 12-panel lampshade with birch leaves

Metallic Glazed Pottery Lamps from David Ross »

A new series of hand-thrown metal-glazed pieces from David Ross Ceramics, in Sonoma, CA, inspired by hand-hammered copper and brass vessels. We are thrilled to introduce him.

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Blazing Sky abstract design Mica ceiling lamp


One group of designs that has emerged is, perhaps, best characterized as personal visions, certainly a term that could apply to Sue’s Blazing, Brilliant Skies — a continually evolving group of shades that come and go from the shop before any formal portrait of them appears and would not be easy to duplicate exactly. This series began life several years ago as a group of custom ceiling shades evoking Desert Sunsets and has continued to expand. It now forms not only the basis of her newest shades, inspired by Art Glass pieces, it also includes more tones of sky and of emotion — from highly intense to calm and tranquil.

In keeping with the tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement we share and support the commitment to combining function and beauty in our surroundings, of using our local flora and fauna as inspiration in our designs, as well as learning to appreciate the design heritage that we encounter in the arts and crafts that Sue purchases to turn into our unique, eclectic and even inspired lighting.


Southwestern lamp shade - lightning design border


In addition to the copper and brass lamps mentioned above, we have several pine cone table and floor lamps. These are all well suited to our Southwestern or rustic lampshade designs, such as the Anasazi and Lightning borders and Pine bough design. Sue loves carved stone, bone, and antler animals (especially bears) and we have created special shades for them. Because we design and make all of our lamps and shades, we have tremendous versatility. We can adapt designs from your home or your lamps to use in shades; mica, hand-painted paper, and paper-cut lampshades can all be custom ordered.

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Trench Art lamp and curved mica lampshade

Trench Art Lamps

Mary Shilman created the curved mica lampshade specifically for this one-of-a-kind Trench Art lamp. The base of the lamp is a spent artillery shell left behind after World War I. Generally they were worked by recovering soldiers; a form of art therapy using available, "free" materials.


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Urban Sketchers visit the lamp shop

There are Urban Sketchers around the world! We were thrilled to have them come to the lamp shop to sketch, and love seeing the shop through their eyes and pens. Thanks to the artists! Visit our Facebook page to see the whole album of sketches and visit the Urban Sketchers San Francisco Bay Area blog.

Sue Johnson lamps shop sketchCristina Siegerist Sue Johnson lamps shop sketchCeinwen Carney Sue Johnson lamps shop sketchCathy McAuliffe Sue Johnson lamps shop sketchSonia Tamez Sue Johnson lamps shop sketchCathy McAuliffe Facebook



What makes a lamp or shade "special"?

Given the fact that we always make unique lamps and shades and always have combinations at the shop that are wonderful, this isn't the easiest question to answer. Fundamentally, as Sue purchases objects throughout the year she has favorites and these pieces are set aside. When they are wired into lamps we design and make shades specifically for them. These often represent an extension in technique for each of us in our "specialties". In addition, this push to do something new or extravagant is encouraged by having an event to aim for, a showcase for that experiment, that spectacular combination and that heartfelt expression of beauty that the best of our work encompasses.

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