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Flash Lighting Sale 2020 Week 5

Flash Lamp Sale Week 5, Lamp 5B

Lamp Sale! 

in the Time of COVID 

The Annual Sale at the lamp shop is going to be different this year, like most things in our lives these days. 

Week-long flash sales 
on selected groups
of one-of-a-kind lamps 
paired with beautiful shades 
at special Prices 

Week 5, December 10-16:

Art Glass and Ceramic Lamps 

Sale Lamp 5A Lindsay Art Glass

SOLD Sale price $614.00

Lamp 5A, Lindsay Art Glass “Antiquity” lamp, Mica shade with mixed foliage and colorful liners
22 ” tall, round shade 14″ wide, 11 1/2″ from table to bottom of shade
Regular price: lamp $425 + shade $297.50 = $722.50 
Save $108.50

Sale Lamp 5B, Lindsay Art Glass "Golden Vines" lamp

SOLD Sale price $461.00

Lamp 5B, Lindsay Art Glass “Golden Vines” lamp, amber mica shade with dried maidenhair ferns
17 1/2 ” tall, round shade 15″ wide, 10″ from table to bottom of shade 
Regular price: lamp $345.00 + shade $197.50 = $542.50
Save $81.50

Sale Lamp 5C Lindsay Art Glass lamp

Sale price $547.50

Lamp 5C, Lindsay Art Glass lamp, Alkyd mica shade with pistachio leaves, lavendar spikes and colorful liners1
8″ tall, round shade 13″” wide, 9 1/2″ from table to bottom of shade 
Regular price: lamp $345 + shade $299.00 = $644.00
Save $96.50

SOLD Sale price $503.50

Lamp 5D, Suzanne Crane Etched stoneware lamp with red berries, Alkyd mica shade with “ghost leaves”
17″ tall, round shade 13″ wide, 9″ from table to bottom of shade
Regular price: lamp $395 + shade $197.50 = $592.50
Save $89.00

Sale price $852.00

Lamp 5E, Suzanne Crane Etched stoneware lamp with Maple leaves, Alkyd mica shade with “ghost leaves” 
22″ tall, round shade 16″ wide, 12″ from table to bottom of shade
Regular price: lamp $685 + shade $317.50 = $1002.50
Save $150.50

Week 5, December 10-16:

Art Glass and Ceramic Selection This week we’re featuring five exceptionally beautiful table lamps. The luminous Lindsay Art glass pieces are one-of-a-kind, and the 3-way switch lights either the shade alone, the lamp alone, or both together (as in the photos). And we really love these Suzanne Crane stoneware pieces, the contrast between the matte black carved borders and the glossy, vibrant bodies is particularly appealing, and of course, leaves always excite us! These exceptional lamps are beautifully paired with our signature mica shades. We hope you are enjoying a taste of the wide range of unique lamps we have on offer in the lamp shop, and we are happy to be able to offer these at a special Fall Sale prices!

To purchase call (510) 527-2623

Give the shop a call during our regular business hours and we can arrange shipping or safe pick-up at the shop.

Update on our retail store

Under new health department guidelines we are allowed to maintain our regular schedule, however we are closely monitoring the number of customers in the shop so that we can effectively maintain social distancing rules. We would greatly appreciate it if you would call the shop (510 527 2623) to make an appointment for in-person shopping. 

For our wiring repair customers we are able to do drop-offs and pick-ups outside, in the back alley – again please call ahead to let us know you will be coming by.

We ask that you use hand sanitizer before shopping, observe safe distancing rules, and of course wear a mask over your mouth and nose. It goes without saying, please stay home if you are not feeling well.

We will close at 6 pm Christmas Eve and re-open at noon, January 2, 2021.

We look forward to the day when this disease is brought under control and we can safely congregate, but until then we’re committed to providing a safe shopping and working environment and appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Thank you!

Flash Sale, Week 5, ends
December 10 at 6:00 pm.

We’re open Monday – Saturday 12-6 pm, Sunday 12-5 pm
Holiday Hours: Closed December 25 – January 2, 2021

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