Egrets and Herons mica lamp shade, ceiling light fixtures


Egrets and Herons mica lamp shade,
ceiling light fixture

This uniquely shaped mica lamp shade features hand-cut silhouettes of egrets and herons returning home at sunset. Small Japanese maple leaves complete the tranquil mood Sue Johnson as set for her favorite birds.

Width 22″
2-bulb s-arm ceiling light fixtures recommended

Price: $607.00

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Egret bird design wall sconce

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Mica lamps & Mica lamp shades

Egret bird design wall sconce

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Our ceiling light fixtures come with a two-bulb, oxidized brass fixture, sized so that the bottom of the shade sits approximately 10" from the ceiling (This is a stem of about 6" and a shade 6" deep). If your ceiling is slanted or if you need longer fixtures, or a four-bulb version, please be sure to mention it when placing your order. There is an additional charge for four-bulb ceiling light fixtures and for fixtures that are unusually long.