Enamel Champlevé & Cloisonné Lamps

Cloisonné and Champlevé ~ colorful enamels on metal. While we might not have the specific cloisonne lamp that is pictured here we often have similar ones, or similar sized/shaped ones at the shop. lg-t03-clossione-grnwh-mic.jpg

Cloisonné and Champlevé are terms that describe techniques for applying colorful enamels to metal.

Champlevé is the older technique, wherein fields of design are gouged or cast in metalware, filled with enamel and then fired. The metal lines are polished, and they contribute to the design. In champleve vases one most often finds one or more bands of design with areas of plain or etched metal separating them.

In Cloisonné wares the enamel is contained within thin walls of metal that have been soldered to the surface of the metal vase. Cloisonne vases, both antique, vintage and contemporary are most often completely covered with enamel. They have tightly patterned backgrounds, with decorative bands at the top of the neck and at the bottom of the vase, and feature stylized floral designs arrayed beautifully around the vase. We feature four quite different cloisonne lamps, two antique, two vintage.

We are pleased to highlight these colorful and beautiful enameled metal lamps and to call attention to the possibilities our lamp shades offer in bringing antique pieces into contemporary settings.

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Showing all 7 results