Antique Champlevé Lamp with Handles, Parchment Paper Lampshade Shade with Decorative Detailing


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Champlevé is an ancient enameling technique whereby a design is gouged or cast into metal and the resulting flat fields are filled with enamel. The piece is fired and the metal walls that hold the color are polished and become part of the design as well.

This antique champlevé lamp has two areas of design on the vase. The top band is a series of delicate branches with berries and leaves on a solid dark turquoise field. There are two small stylized metal elephant head handles at this level also. The lower band also has a dark turquoise field but here the designs are large white flowers, with tendrils, and a small amount of berry and leaf design. The antique champlevé vase sits on a footed Asian-style rosewood base. Jill Lawrence has created a light tan parchment paper lamp shade with a subtle dark turquoise border to go with this lamp; the combination is an excellent choice for a side table, desk, bedside or dresser. With 100 watts max., it is a functional as well as beautiful piece.

[TL-02] 20” tall,
16” wide,
12” from table to bottom of shade
3-way socket, 100 watts max

Lamp base and lamp shade are available separately.
Lamp $245.00 as is (it is an antique, after all)
Shade $255.00, limited availability

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