Gold Cloisonné Table Lamp with Blue Peony Parchment Lampshade with decorative paper trim


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Cloisonné enamelware has been produced in China for centuries. Metal walls (cloisonnes in French) are soldered to the underlying metal ware defining the overall design. Colorful enamel is put in the areas thus defined and the piece is fired. We have had several other Cloisonné vases of differing shapes with this basic design and color palette; a finely differentiated light gold field with a prominent blue peony vigorous foliage and colorful neck and foot trim of turquoise green and red. This small vase sits on an Asian-style footed base and is paired with Jill Lawrence’s light gold parchment paper shade. Jill has decorated the shade with curving green and gold borders at both the top and bottom. This is a beautiful and compact table lamp perfect for small tables desks shelves bedside tables.