Small Antique Champlevé table lamp Parchment paper lamp shade with decorative detailing


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Champlevé is an ancient metal technique for decorating wares with enamel. A design is gouged or fields are cast into the metal, in this instance a strip of stylized flowers and leaves flowing around the wider area of the urn. The ”gouged out” design areas are filled with enamel and the piece is fired. The metal walls that contain the enamel are then polished so they stand out as part of the detail. This one of a kind small antique Champlevé table lamp sits on a rosewood Asian-style footed base and is paired with a lovely off-white parchment paper shade. The subtle design on the decorative paper strip on this octagonal shade echoes the colors of the enamels on the lamp – bronze green dark red touches of white. Altogether it’s an elegant small accent lamp that can brighten a small table desk or shelves.