Antique Green and White Cloisonné Table Lamp Mica Lamp shade with ”Bachelor’s Button” design


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While this lamp has been sold, we can make this shade again.

Cloisonné is a technique for applying enamel to a metal surface. Cloisonné’s or ”walls” are applied to the surface of the vase and define the design. Then the areas defined by the walls are filled with enamel and the piece is fired. This enameling technique is applied to jewelry as well as to vases boxes and other ornamental ware. This antique Cloisonné table lamp has a leaf-green field with a delicately stylized chrysanthemum design in white. The top and bottom of the vase also have white decorative scalloped bands. The Cloisonné vase sits on a rosewood footed base and is paired with Sue Johnson’s octagonal mica shade. The shade is trimmed in green and white with the ”Bachelor’s Button” design cut into the liner.