Small Dark Green Antique Cloisonné Lamp Antique Embroidered Silk Lampshade


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Cloisonné is an enameling technique whereby the design is defined by metal walls (Cloisonnés in French) carefully soldered to the underlying metalware. The areas thus enclosed are filled with enamel and the piece then fired. This technique allows for larger areas of enamel as well as more intricate enameled designs than techniques previously used. The small antique Cloisonné lamp offered here has a dark green ground colorful red yellow and white flowers and lighter green leaves. At the top of the small Cloisonné vase there is light green and red border. The scalloped shade by Sue Johnson is one-of-a-kind made with antique Chinese embroidered silk laminated to a stiff backing material. The silk is a cream color with stylized iris rose and chrysanthemum motifs in red and blue and white. This small antique Cloisonné lamp and shade is a special combination.