Owl Lamps

Owls, Owls, Owl Lamps

You can always count on finding a collection of unique owl lamps at the lamp shop. Largely one-of-a-kind pieces, there are big owls and little owls, metal, ceramic, marble and wooden owls. Cute owls, kind of scary owls and handsome ones as well. Our mica shades, with natural leaves and cut designs, go beautifully with the owl lamps.


Owl Lamps – these are one-of-a-kind items, inquire as to availability.

Front row, l to r:
Antique small round ceramic owls, mica hexagon with redwood and owls, 14.5” tall

Ceramic salt shaker “Snowy Owl”, mica rectangle with cedar and owls, 14.75” tall
$392.50 another set available

Snowy Owl carved of St. Helena “ash”, round mica lampshade with nandina leaves and owls, 18” tall with stone finial  SOLD

Carved black stone owls, square mica lampshade with oak leaves and owls, 15” tall

Back row, l to r:

Carved marble owl and base, round mica shade with colorful maple leaves and owls, 19.5” tall with stone finial

Carved ironwood owl, Sonora Mexico, mica rectangle with Japanese maple leaves, owls and bats, 22.5” tall

“Literate Owls”, ceramic owls lit from within, mica octagon with redwood and owls, 21” tall with red marble finial