Watchful Crow table lamp, Mica shade with ginkgo leaves, fern, dragonflies


“Watchful Crow” Table lamp with Mica lamp shade decorated with golden ginkgo leaves, golden maidenhair fern and hand-cut dragonflies

Fall is in the air! This is a classic combination, excellently realized by the ceramic artists at Ephraim Faience Pottery. We hope you think our green mica shade with golden ginkgos and maidenhair fern completes the air of mystery…

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22” tall, 16” wide, 13.5” from table to bottom of shade
Shade: 5” x 16” x 10” (slant)

Lamp $445
Shade $277.50

Additional information

Height - Lamp and Shade (inches)

Width (inches)

Height - Table to bottom of shade (inches)

Height - Shade (inches)